Insurance Claims Attorney

Florida Insurance Claims Attorney – Litigating Denied Claims, Delayed Claims, Undervalued Claims

We represent clients to recover on insurance claims resulting from natural disasters, vandalism, floods, etc.  You purchased homeowners’ insurance to help you repair and rebuild your home and replace personal property.  When your insurance company fails or refuses to live up to its contractual obligations, we can help you to recover the amounts due from your insurance company.

Attorney, Jason Katz was a licensed insurance agent for 11 years.  Mr. Katz switched from representing insurance companies as an agent, to fighting against insurance companies as an attorney.  As a licensed insurance agent, Mr. Katz gained the required understanding of interpreting insurance policies and the inner-workings of insurance companies.  When you suffer a loss, we can assist you by locating the responsible parties and triggering insurance coverage.

Insurers regularly attempt to deny coverage based on the various provisions of your policy.  We can force your insurance company to abide by the terms of the policy.  We also can bring bad-faith claims against your insurance company for unreasonable denials of coverage, bad faith refusals to pay the full value of a claim, or unreasonable delays.

Property Damage

We represent property owners against insurance companies to recover for damage caused by natural disasters, fire damage, water damage, plumbing leaks, mold, sinkholes, and negligent construction. 

Commercial General Liability  – CGL

Commercial General Liability Insurance or CGL policies protect contractors from third-party property damage claims.  When a claim is made against a contractor it is imperative to place the insurance carrier on notice to obtain defense from the insurance company and coverage for any losses.  An experienced insurance and construction attorney can help you navigate the exclusions and ensure that you make the best case for a covered claim.